Service Quality

When we read some of the most common complaints of the clients in their reviews for other wedding photographers, we found that they all were mostly related to:

  1. inordinate delay in providing the deliverables (to the extent of 4-5 months in some cases);
  2. no respect for client’s privacy, i.e., making photos public despite client’s request to take them down;
  3. taking full payment even before the deliverables are received by the client and not redressing the concerns once the payment is made;
  4. unprofessional conduct;

Quick Turn Around Time: First of all we always stick to our deadlines for all deliverables and never promise or commit for something that we cannot deliver. Our turn around time is much speedier than many photographers (as fast as 18 days for premium category).

Respect for Privacy: We are one of the rarest wedding photographers in India who never claim any ownership on your photographs or make any unauthorized use of them. We respect your privacy completely and always ensure that we get your consent before posting your photos online. Even when we have already got your consent, if you ever require us to take your photos down, we are committed to oblige such request at the earliest.

Full payment only after successful receipt of the deliverables: We never take full payment before the successful receipt of all the deliverables by you. In fact, we wait for your general feedback and comments on the deliverables and request for the remaining payment only when you are satisfied with our services. If at all, you might have any issues with the photographs (in term of editing style, resolution, or other technical aspect), we are always more than willing to redress your concerns at the earliest and do the last minutes changes to suit your specific taste or requirement.

Work Ethics and Professional Conduct: We always put our clients and their requests above everything else. We come as photographers and leave as friends. We rule out all possibilities of any kind of differences with the client by respecting their demands (however unrealistic at times it may be) and being humble for giving us the opportunity to cover their big day. Our team is a bunch of highly qualified (in terms of formal education) and well groomed professionals. We can speak, English, Kannada, Hindi, and Marathi. This ensures that there is no communication gap between you and our team.