To me, every wedding is unique and I strongly believe that one size cannot fit everyone’s requirement. Therefore, we personalize our packages to the best of your need and try to push ourselves as much as we possibly can, to match your estimated budget. However, for the sake of just giving you a fair idea, we have categorized our services in three broad heads based on number of photos, number of persons engaged, turn around time, etc. At the most basic level, the quality of photographs remain the same for all the three categories. It is only the service components which changes from package to package, depending on your specific need.      

Candid (Economy)

For the prudent couples who want to keep their wedding budget in check and still not lose on the quality of photographs that we are known to deliver. 

  • No. of Photos: Up to 300;
  • No. of Photographers: 1 (One);
  • Turn Around Time: 30 days (from the date of completion of the shoot);
  • Editing Standard: Basic;
  • No. of Lenses: 1 (tele-photo);
  • Token Advance: 25%;

Candid (Standard) 

For the discerning couples who do not want to compromise on the number of photographs and would love to have lot of wide angle shots of the rituals, decoration, large group, typically taken by a traditional photographer, as bonus shots from me.  

  • No. of Photos: 300-500;
  • No. of Photographers: 1 (One);
  • Turn Around Time: 24 days;
  • Editing Standard: Professional;
  • No. of Lenses: 2 (tele-photo and wide angle);
  • Token Advance: 20%

Candid (Premium)

For the most demanding couples who want more of everything, be it number of photographs, equipment, persons engaged, within the minimum time frame possible and still something complementary.   

  • No. of Photos: 700-900;
  • No. of Photographers: 2 (Two);
  • Turn Around Time: 18 days;
  • Editing Standard: International;
  • Lenses: 3 (tele-photo, wide angle, and prime lenses);
  • Delivery Mode: Express Courier or Hand Delivery (if in Bangalore);
  • Token Advance: 15%
  • Freebies: Complimentary Kids/ Baby Shoot;

Candid + Traditional (Combo)

For the smart couples who do not want the trouble of searching a traditional photographer separately  and want all photography services under the same roof, because they know what trust and brand means. 

  • No. of Photos: 500-700;
  • No. of Photographers: 2;
  • Turn Around Time: 30 days;
  • Editing Standard: Professional;
  • Lenses: 2 (tele-photo and wide angle);
  • Token Advance: 25%