General Reviews

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“Vivek has an eye for detail and is a perfectionist to the core. There were so many amazing shots that he took, however he was not satisfied with that and kept taking more shots until he got that perfect shot. He never tires during a shoot and keeps at it till he is completely satisfied. He made a lot of otherwise dreary and dull shots come alive through his photography. He also spends a lot of time post the shoot to select the good photographs and edit them to give it that finishing edge.”

– Priyadarshini Shetty, Founder of Fitmonk

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“The talent is there. Of this there is no doubt; glance through his photos and the skill becomes supremely evident. What the pictures may not tell you about this man though, is his patience, his unending patience. And his desire to push, to do that little bit extra that distinguishes a good photo from an excellent one. The other impressive bit about Vivek is, I think, the fact that he is own harshest critic. Highly recommended, and a thorough professional.”

– Anuj Garg, Co-founder of Fitmonk

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“Just a little note to say thank you for making our day so special. We got so many compliments after that about you, Vivek. You made my little one feel at ease – which wasn’t easy, particularly, given the paucity of time!!! We loved our baby photos and the more we look at them, we love them more and more. It’s all because of you, Vivek. Thanks a lot for the wonderful job!”

– Archana Jagadeesh, July 19, 2016

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“I had hired Vivek for covering the first birthday party of my daughter. Vivek took some great candid moments of the event. The portrait shots of my daughter came out awesome and will make her cherish them forever. Even though some of the guests were left out in the photographs, we had no regrets hiring him at all. Vivek was very humble and easily approachable at all times. Would love to hire him again and recommend him to friends and family anytime in future.”

– Reena Sharma (Mother), February 27, 2016

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“Vivek Kumar Verma is a lawyer and a junior from my law school. He is also an exceptional photographer and is quite serious about taking up photography as an alternative career choice. He happily agreed to do a photo shoot of the kids and spent the better half of a Sunday to click some amazing photos.”

– Samim (Father), October 10, 2015