What is your style of wedding photography?

My style of photography is taking candid and natural shots without ever disturbing the mood of the moment. I believe that the notion of “creating candid moments” is quite controversial simply because it is an oxymoron. I have observed that most of the clients just need a bit of guidance when it comes to expressing natural, raw emotions in front of the camera. Therefore, I assist them only to the extent of getting comfortable around the camera and be their own natural self.

Do you have a team? 

Yes; we do have an amazing team of candid photographer, traditional photographer, traditional videographer, and a professional photo retoucher. They all are master of their art. When on shoot, we coordinate with each other to ensure that no aspect of your wedding is left uncovered, both on the bride and groom side. We never send somebody else or someone less experienced to do the shoot. We always come together as a team.

What is your real hand experience at professional wedding photography?

We have a combined work experience of more than 25 years at covering weddings. As of today, we have the second highest number of reviews among all the wedding photographers listed on a very popular wedding portal, WedMeGood.

Are you open to travelling outside Bangalore for a shoot?

Yes; we have indeed covered many weddings in Mumbai, Goa, Hyderabad, and parts of Kerala and Karnataka. Our charges for outstation shoots remains the same as applicable in Bangalore. The only extra expense that you may have to incur is covering us for our travelling expense and arranging for a decent accommodation.

Do you charge for half day, if my event is not stretched over the whole day?  If yes; how much will it cost me to hire you for only half day?

Yes; we do charge for half day only, if the event is wrapped up within 6-7 hours. Anything beyond 7 hours is chargeable on per-day basis. The cost for hiring me for half-day is 60% of the rate as applicable on per-day basis.

Is there any restriction on number of hours will you shoot in a day?

We consider 12-14 hours of shoot in a day as reasonable and our pricing is based on this premise. However, we do provide one (1) hour of grace period in which no extra charges are applicable. We believe that photography is not run-of-a-mill product and requires ultimate precision and creativity. We all are human beings, not machines. Anything beyond 15 hours of consistent work in a day does put a heavy toll on our productivity and energy level for the next day’s shoot. Therefore, we discourage such instances and charge INR 4000/- per hour for the extra hours of shoot, more as deterrent than our fee.

I don’t think I need a candid photographer for my reception? Is it really required?

If you are going to be happy with just the formal (posed) group shots of the guests on the stage, I don’t think you need a candid photographer for reception. However, if you also want us to capture those light moments when they are engaged in interesting conversation off stage, those sweet hugs and handshakes just before they stand in a line to pose for the photograph, those fun shots of your closest friends and relatives off stage somewhere else, you do need a candid photographer. The choice is yours.

How long before my wedding dates, I need to book you?

It is always better for you to book us at least 3-4 months in advance so that you can avail the most discounted prices/ offers. However, you are always free to book us at any time. If you intend to book us a month or less in advance, it is very likely that we may not be available to take up the assignment due to many shoots lined up in advance.

Do you provide wedding albums?

Yes; we do provide wedding albums on cost-to-cost basis from a very trusted and reputed printing shop in Bangalore. As we have long and good business relationship with our printing partner, you end up paying much lesser than the market rate for printing the same album on your own. The tentative cost of printing an album of 12” X 30” size with 40 sheets, may be around INR 10,000/- to INR 12,000/-.

What can I expect from your videography services?

We provide traditional videography services at a very competitive price. We record your entire wedding and then create an edited video of around 80-90 minutes. Additionally, we also provide highlights of your wedding of about 4-5 minutes, without any extra cost. Videos are recorded on blu-ray HD medium by Sony PMW-200 video camera.

Will you give us all the raw files or JPEG images that you take from our wedding?

On any wedding spread over two days, we end up taking more than 2000 photos. We take conscious effort over a period of few days to filter the good photos from the bad and average ones. This is just to reduce your burden of wading through a monstrous number of pictures and save you from the trouble of hind-picking the best photos among the similar-looking ones.

As a layman with limited equipment and knack for this art, you may not be able to check the technical quality of each and every photographs and dig deep into their fine artistic nuances. Moreover, working on raw files to process them into JPEG does require certain expertise for which we only trust the seasoned photo retoucher. The post-processing work may itself go for at least 2-3 weeks. This is indeed so much of effort for us and I am sure you do not want to get into it. Therefore, we only provide certain limited number of processed photographs to you, depending on the package you have chosen. This number may be around 300 photos for our most basic package and around 700-900 for our premium package, from a two days’ wedding.

Rest assured, we do not mind giving more pictures if they are really worth it. However, we just need you to trust us here to deliver the most amazing photos, both in terms of quality and coverage.

What if, I am not satisfied with the photographs in terms of coverage, quality, or both? 

We, as one of the most trusted wedding photography service providers in Bangalore, are quite confident that such a situation would not arise at the first place. However, if it so happens, we will make sure that we do everything possible on this earth to win your trust and do all possible corrections, that you may ask for. If you feel that the photographs you received do not cover the event in its entirety, we can revisit all the original photos as it was taken on your wedding and ensure that you find the coverage complete in all respect.

Will you take our consent/ permission before posting any of our wedding photographs on online?

We respect your privacy and therefore we always make it a point to obtain your prior permission to post some of your wedding photographs on our web site and other web portals. Once a consent is obtained from you for use of those photographs, we can use them for editorial, competition, advertising and other related purposes. We are committed to honour your ownership on the photographs and use them only in accordance with the applicable laws. Even when we have got your consent, if you ever require us to take your photos down, we are committed to oblige such request at the earliest.

Is there any scope for negotiations on the quotation you send to us?

As a fair business person, I do not believe in the cheap tactic of sending an inflated quotation first and then woo you by reducing it to original price, following negotiations. This is an utter waste of time for both of us. What we charge for our services, in my honest belief and also based on market research for Bangalore, is still much lesser than the market price for the comparable work elsewhere. In this highly competitive business, we always try to push our prices to the minimum to suit your budget. Further, we also provide some attractive offers and discounts on our actual prices to make it really economical for you. When we send a quotation to you, you can safely assume that we could not have possibly stretched ourselves any further than that. However, if you are looking for a more economical wedding photographer than us for the same quality (which is very unlikely to find), we will be happy to assist you to our best in finding one.