About Us

Maybe we have few unique qualities that makes us different from other mainstream wedding photographers. These values and work ethics also account for our little premature success.

Real Value for Money. We are genuinely passionate about the art of photography. As we do not depend solely on  photography for our daily bread and butter, we charge significantly less than the market price for comparable quality of work. We strive for artistic excellence, not monetary gains, and this helps us put in our heart and soul into the work, irrespective of your budget. We believe that our client’s satisfaction and few heartfelt words of appreciation are our true rewards as artists.

Trust that comes with Experience. When it comes to your wedding, we know that you would never settle for anything less than a truly professional and experienced photographer. We bring with ourselves a combined work experience of more than 25 years. Apart from what our work may speak for itself, we have earned a reputation for consistently getting good reviews from our clients, not only for quality photographs, but also for quick turn around time, our conduct, and respecting their privacy.

Fresh Perspective with Constructive Breaks. Unlike many of the mainstream wedding photographers who do so many projects in an year that their work starts getting boring and repetitive, we are very selective about the projects we choose to do in an year. We make it a point to have constructive breaks between these shoots to come up with new and creative ideas, follow latest wedding trends, constantly upgrade our skills for the better, and derive inspiration from the work of great photographers all around the world. This keeps us very fresh and excited about all our upcoming shoots.

Homework and Comfort Level. Before we head out for a shoot, a lot of preparation goes into it. These may be understanding the specific customs and rituals of our client, getting introduced to the key family members and friends, and most importantly, developing good rapport with the bride and groom to give them a comfort level. We come as a photographer and leave as a friend. This helps our client to be at ease all the time, especially when they are being photographed.

Flexibility. We are very flexible about the timings and never mind working couple of hours extra or covering an additional small event just to ensure complete coverage of the event. We always reach the venue well in advance and never leave before the event is complete. We also understand that wedding is more like a chaos situation where not everything (lighting, decoration, photo bombing) may be perfect. That is why we always prepare for the worst and still get the best out of any situation.