What is Candid Photography?

One common question that a lot of clients ask me is what candid photography is; how it is different from traditional photography; whether they should prefer a candid photographer over a traditional photographer; and the like. Let me answer these questions in the simplest way I can.

Candid photography is a style of photography where you don’t distract your subject while clicking the pictures and try to capture natural and unposed expressions. This is different from spying or doing a secret photography where the subject is absolutely unaware of being photographed and does not even expect it. The word “candid” itself means ‘truthful’ and ‘straightforward’. Therefore, the idea here is to capture the soul of the subject rather than their staged appearance. A candid photograph is, therefore, quite different from the traditional, posed, studio photographs or the formal, flash lighted photos.

Equipment: Candid photographers often use cameras which would be small and less obtrusive in size and color so as to avoid any disturbance to the subject. For the obvious reasons, you will hardly find them using flashes. They heavily rely on the ambient light to capture the photographs so that the subject do not feel self-conscious or try to stage their appearance.

People Skills: Most of the expert candid photographers will be also quite good at mingling with people, making them feel at ease around the camera, talk their language, strike interesting conversations, dress for the event so well that you will not be able to differentiate them from your guests. I feel, candid photography is more about the people skills than photography skills.

Style and Approach: The notion of “creating candid moments” has proven to be quite controversial to many in the past simply because it is an oxymoron. We’ve observed that most of the clients just need a bit of guidance when it comes to expressing natural, raw emotions in front of the camera. Therefore, we assist them only to the extent of getting comfortable around the camera and be their own natural self. The common thread in most of our candid shots is capturing genuine expression of emotions and mood of the moment so that you can admire the beauty and simplicity of underrated pleasures of the celebration times.

Whether you should prefer a candid photographer over a traditional photographer

They both have a different role and style of photography and, in my opinion, one should hire at least one candid photographer and one traditional photographer for any big events like, wedding. They both have to complement each other and one cannot work without the other. This ensures complete coverage of the event and a perfect blend of all kinds of pictures that could have possibly been taken. Hiring both of them may definitely shoot up your initial budget by a notch. However, this is one decision that you will never regret especially when it comes to a lifetime event like weddings.


2 thoughts on “What is Candid Photography?

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