How do I find a budget wedding photographer in India?

If you are looking for a budget wedding photographer who is also quite good at the same time, it is very difficult to find one. It is very unlikely that an expert wedding photographer in India would be willing to cover your wedding at a price any lesser than the price set by them. In most of the cases, the price set by them may not even have a match with the prices generally prevailing in the market. The reason being, they know the value of their work and their target customer for such services. However, we have got few handy tips for you to find a good wedding photographer within your budget.

Profession vs. Passion. Hire someone who does wedding photography out of passion and not for money. There are indeed some very good wedding photographers who are not full-time into this profession. They are simply driven by passion for photography and money is often a secondary consideration for them. The strive for artistic excellence and put in their best efforts, irrespective of your budget. They do not photography for their daily bread and butter and that helps them cut down on their charges for such services.

Early Bird. Book a photographer well in advance (at least 6-7 months prior to your wedding date) and preferably in the off season. This is the time when even an expensive wedding photographer may be able to give you great discounts on their services just to get some definite business, where there are none.

Forum Shopping. If you are from a metropolitan city, dig out a good wedding photographer from a tier-II city nearby. The overall asking price for even good wedding photographer in a tier-II city is relatively much lower than the prices in the metros. All you may have to pay extra is their travelling expense for an overnight journey by bus or train, which should not be a toll on your overall budget. For example, if you are from Bangalore, you can consider hiring someone from Hyderabad or Mysore at a much reduced price. However, never ever make the mistake of hiring a wedding photographer from a distance which is more than overnight, as they might charge you for the airfare.

Look out for Discounts. Let me tell you how it works. For instance, if a wedding photographer has not covered destination weddings much, he/she may be able to provide his services at a much reduced price for the destination wedding you are planning. Similarly, a person who is not full time into photography may be able to provide his/her services at a discounted rate on weekends or official holidays. Posting a review or referring their services to your friend may also get you some good rewards like, instant cash back, complementary services, free album printing, etc. You can check out the offers and discounts offered by us here to get some further ideas.

You can feel free to get in touch with us to find a good wedding photographer in your city within your budget.


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